Construction Project Closeout, Punchlist Oversight and Warranty Fulfillment

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As experienced Project Managers we will ensure your construction project requirements have been satisfied and project goals are in fact met. We will work with your stakeholder group to fully evaluate the project deliverability and  to verify that contractors are performing per contractual agreements. We will make sure that a detailed punchlist is prepared, accepted and completed prior to project closeout and final payment.

Our experienced manager will stay closely coordinated with the project at all times to efficiently manage the changeover from the project team to the end user.

As the project near the transition, we will act as a bridge between the project team, the maintenance staff and end users to ensure all parties are trained and equipped and the project is prepared to effective daily operations by end user.

Closer to the end of the warranty period, we will assist maintenance teams to mobilize day-to-day operations and develop a successful warranty fulfillment program.