Affordable Small Business Consulting Services Chicago Illinois

small business consulting services chicago illinois

Our approach for small business consulting services consists of four of steps that include:

  • Conducting a business evaluation to identify your company’s challenges
  • Developing tailored for your business solutions to attend to those challenges
  • Preparing an integrated action plan as the roadmap to accomplishment of your goals
  • Providing practical support to put into action the road map to guarantee your continuing success of your enterprise

Our Services can help you with questions like these:

  • How do I start a business?
  • Where can I obtain funding for my business?
  • How can I grow my existing business?
  • What are the flows in my current operation?
  • How to improve or setup the accounting system?
  • How can I manage my cash flow?
  • How do I get higher work performance from my employees?
  • How can I use social media in my marketing efforts?
  • And many other questions can be answered.

We will works with you one on one to help you with your business challenge.

We measure our success by increase of your business profitability!

Your Business Health Check

You need to have a strong foundation in order to build a strong business. We will help you to evaluate the health of your small business. This process helps the business owner to ensure that vital strategic business components are in place and the business and its owners are properly protected

Our Business Health Check includes a preliminary review of the following:

  • Partnering Agreement and Legal Entity
  • Business Plan
  • Business Forms in place
  • Insurance and Business Licenses
  • Employee Payroll and Taxes
  • Accounting Systems and Banking Practices
  • Budget / Business Liquidity
  • HR and Employees Relationship
  • Current Marketing Strategies and Web Presence
  • Current Business Environment Condition

With an understanding of the current status of your business, we will be able better assist you in preparing a customized approach to growing and developing the business.

Strategy & Growth Plan Development

After assessment of your business health, the next step is to help you develop a well-defined strategic plan for your business growth.  As a foundation to moving the business further – a strategic plan should be referenced, kept current and modified from time to time as companies grow or change happening in the industry, as well as when markets and economies shift.

Together with you, we will develop up-to-date business strategy & growth plan, which will include all the areas of your business operation, as well as: IT Solutions, Marketing and Branding Strategies, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Developing Winning Proposals, Training, Staff Development and more!

Office Environment Evaluation and Improvement; Employees and Management Stress Reduction

Our knowledge and experience in emotional healing and stress management techniques and practices is the great add-ons to the business consulting and management. These techniques will correct and balance business environment and will improve business atmosphere, which results in the higher work performance of employees as well as the management and outcome in increase of business revenue in the shortest possible time.

Employees and Management Personnel Coaching & Training

According to the newly develop up-to-date business strategy & growth plan we will offer effective coaching to the employees, we will train your management personnel to improve their management skills to contest with the requirements of the new growth plan.